5 minutes with... Amelie Lens

The EXHALE honcho on her NY resolutions, motherhood and her ride-or-dies on tour

  • Kate Pasola, Content Editor
  • jan. 16., K
  • Artist interviews

Hey Amelie! We’re catching you just ahead of EXHALE Antwerp, first its first ever two-day event. How are you feeling about it?

It’s a big moment for us, and something we have been working towards for years. You really can’t miss it, and I will play both Friday and Saturday!

In what ways has EXHALE evolved since its inception?

EXHALE began as a night at Labyrinth Club in Belgium. I can still remember when they asked me to curate my own night, I was so excited. If you had told me then where EXHALE would be now, I am not sure if I would even understand. My own DJ career, and then EXHALE, grew so quickly. 

It was during COVID actually that I realised that EXHALE had become so much more than an event or label, we became a community – truly, a group of like minded people who look after each other.

It has really become an extension of who I am, and I’m so proud of that. It allows me to support artists I love, stay in close contact with fans who have been supporting me, and EXHALE, since the beginning.

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You’ve been recently described as an ‘unwavering optimist’. What’s your advice for staying optimistic in 2024?

Optimism comes from really knowing and trusting yourself. So, take the time in 2024 to do what is important for you.

What are your new year’s resolutions for 2024?

To take more time for myself! I have been touring non-stop for years now, but it’s really hard to be creative when your schedule is full. As an artist you really need free time to be able to create and have ideas.

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Back in July you announced your first pregnancy. What could the live music industry do to better support mothers and mothers-to-be?

I’ve been lucky that my team and promoters have been really understanding of my needs while I was touring pregnant. Overall, I hope the industry begins to understand that female DJs may become mothers someday – and that does not mean that they have to choose between being a mom or their DJ career.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about you?

I’m actually not a very social person.. I really enjoy being by myself and staying home whenever I’m not touring. Also during events, my ideal night would be to enjoy the sets and not talk to anyone – haha!

What are 10 things you can’t live without on tour as an artist?

1. A team that you can trust and rely on 24/7

2. Healthy food

3. Airpods

4. Meditation apps

5. Snacks

6. Laptop

7. Hoodie

8. Guarana pills

9. A tour manager that you really like as a person, besides being your tour manager

10. All the pictures/videos I have on my phone from my family, friends, pets, and my baby.

Catch Amelie Lens this February 16 – 17 at EXHALE Antwerp, Waagnatie Expo & Events

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