The most remarkable festival fan moments 2019

It’s not easy to make a selection of the best performances - so we didn’t.

Summer is a state of mind, so they say. But with the days getting shorter and colder, there is no denying the fact that a new season is upon us. And how much we would love to endlessly stretch the festival season, we have to admit that it’s time to wrap things up. With thousands and thousands of festivals worldwide, it’s not easy to make a selection of the best performances - so we didn’t.

Instead, we collected some of the most remarkable festival crowd moments. In the end, awesome performances are a joint effort of both the artist and the interaction with the crowd. With that in mind, we selected some of the best festival crowd moments of 2019 - we can assure you that they leave you wishing you were there. 

Glastonbury: Dave invites kid from crowd to stage and kid kills it

Imagine: you’re front row at the performance of your favorite artist when he announces he’s about to sing your tune - the one about your favorite football player. He’s looking for someone to rap the lyrics of the part that’s originally performed by another rapper, who’s not present at the festival. You’re sitting on the shoulders of your friend, screaming your lungs out: pick me, pick me, I know all the damn lyrics! And then, he does just that: he picks you. Sounds like a dream? This became a reality for Alex Mann, a 15-years old ordinary teenage rap fan. As he took the stage, Dave briefly reassured him he would just have to cover the part of the other rapper (AJ Tracy), but instead, Alex killed the entire song called “Thiago Silva” without hesitation - and the crowd went crazy. Check the video below!

Tomorrowland: Shaq raging in mosh pit 

Shaquille O’Neal is first and foremost known as a professional American basketball player and sports analyst. As a matter of fact, with 2.16 meters and 147 kilos, he was one of the tallest and heaviest players ever. Now that he’s retired, he’s an electronic music producer and touring DJ among other things, going by the name DIESEL. After he performed at Tomorrowland, he got into the crowd himself to enjoy Modestep's set from the first row. As you can imagine, this blocked the view for quite some people but it also resulted in awesome footage. It should also be noted that where other celebrity performers return backstage after their own show right away, Shaq stands right there with the crowd and hypes everyone up. Go Shaq! 

Sziget Festival: Dave Grohl Invites Foo Fighters Fan in Wheelchair to crowd surf onto the stage

During the Foo Fighters set at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary, on Tuesday night Aug. 13th frontman Dave Grohl spotted something unusual in the crowd during a break in the show. He took a moment to point out some people in the public when he noticed the guy who was held up in the air in his wheelchair. Dave didn’t have to think twice and invited him up to stage so he could watch the rest of the show from up there, calling him “the fucking star of the show”. The hands of the audience guided the guy in the wheelchair all the way up to the stage. Next to this, Dave also invited “bubble girl”  to join them, where Dave instructed her to sit next to drummer Taylor and blow bubbles while they played the next song, “Everlong”. At the end of it, Dave walked over to the wheelchair guy, hugged him and let him slam Dave’s guitar on stage. Rock on, Dave! 

Glastonbury: Crowd sings along with Lizzo and it’s the most heartwarming moment ever

No one would argue that 2019 was Lizzo’s biggest year yet. With her statement album “Cuz I Love You” she became known to the big crowd, containing hits like “Truth Hurts”, “Good As Hell” and “Juice”. Her performance of the latest at Glastonbury stood out for us, since it’s the first time such a big crowd sings along to every word, creating an amazing vibe we just can’t get enough from. They really get into it and take Lizzo’s already powerful performance to the next level. Barely a phone insight, this is an expression of pure joy. 

Roskilde: Robyn - Dancing On My Own 

The 40-years old Swedish singer Robyn is surely used to big crowds singing along to her greatest hits. However, during Roskilde this year, something unusual happened. The crowd is singing along to her monster hit “Dancing On My Own” so loudly, she cannot hear herself anymore and is completely blown away. Shivers all over. 


– Phoebe on 2019 október 1